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A Ras John Concert Compilation of Bob Marley and The Wailers recorded in New York City, Paris, Berlin and Kingston, JA.

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The Club Tropical Soundtrack (a few minutes into the recording, you will hear a familiar band rehearsing in the background)

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reggae12.com was launched in 1994, the same year we began helping get some worldwide attention for Reggae SumFest in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Hopefully the site has been a Blessing to many by sending out a love for Reggae Music and Jah Creation.  Reggae Music is a blessing for many reasons but most of all, it is because the best of Reggae Music is based in a strong Spiritual overstanding that carries a message of love, hope, tolerance and unity out to the world.  Bob Marley’s message stands out, of course.  His genius and spiritual awareness took him from Jamaican concrete jungle to a world icon embodying everything from protest and rebellion against corrupt and evil forces to laid back fun and sun and skanking around dance floors worldwide.  You will find lot’s of information about Bob Marley in these pages with thoughts from people like Roger Steffens and Ras John.  You can find Bono’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction speech or take a trip to Nine Mile.  Bob Marley was a reluctant Messiah with a powerful message that continues to resound around the cosmos.  Reggae Music does not stop with Bob though.  Here you can learn about and sample music from many of the other new and old icons that have made this a powerful music genre.  You will find Roots Poetry, words and wisdom from Haile Selassie, the story of the roots of Reggae and picks for vital CD’s and Videos to add to your collection.  You will find MP3 music files scattered through the site but, go to the Club Tropical page for some featured music tracks.  For some Explore and see what you find – be sure to pick a PositiVibe for yourself – you may be in for a surprise.   If you find some love and light, some new compassion for all creatures in this creation and the encouragement to share that Spirit with all you come in contact with, reggae12.com will have been successful in its main mission.  Rejoice and be glad, this is a day that Jah has made!




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Bob at Madison Sq. Garden
Here's a Bob Marley Tribute from NPR Radio in the U.S. (on this page you will also find some Marley picks to learn more).  Click the link below for the special report done by NPR on the 20th anniversary of Bob's transcending to an even higher realm...


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