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Robert Nesta Marley Feature Section

The Bob Marley Story - Part Two

Bob Marley: Photo from Spirit Dancer   Marley_spirit_dancer2.jpg (9332 bytes)

The two pictures above are from the spectacular book of photos by Bruce Talamon (with text by Roger Steffens and Timothy White) called SPIRIT DANCER.    

smile_jamaica.jpg (10306 bytes)

Manley, Marley and Seaga on stage at One Love ConcertManley_Marley_Seaga_2.jpg (15485 bytes)
Bob Marley unites JA at the One Love Concert, April 22, 1978 in Kingston, Jamaica

So influential a cultural icon had Marley become on his home island by mid-decade that Time magazine exclaimed, "He rivals the government as a political force." On December 3, 1976, Marley was scheduled to give a free "Smile Jamaica" concert, aimed at reducing tensions between warring political factions. A couple of days before the show, he and his entourage were attacked by gunman. Wounded but not killed, Marley electrified a crowd of 80,000 people when he took the stage that night - a gesture of survival that only heightened his legend.  Two years later he symbolically united the nation by bringing the rival political party leaders together on stage at the One Love Concert with Marley, Jacob Miller, Peter Tosh and more...

Tuff Gong Exodus 12"

Marley Marvel Comic Cover Vol. 1Bob even has a series of three Marvel Comic books celebrating his life - IRON (this issue), LION (issue #2), ZION (issue #3).

Bob & Cindy at the Essex House, NYC
Bob and Cindy Breakspeare at the Essex House, NYC

1980 loomed as Marley's biggest year yet, kicked off by a concert in the newly-liberated Zimbabwe; a tour of the U.S. was announced, but while jogging in New York's Central Park he collapsed, and it was discovered he suffered from cancer which had spread to his brain, lungs and liver. Uprising was the final album released in Marley's lifetime -- he died May 11, 1981 at age 36.  

At the state funeral there were readings from the Bible by Jamaica's Governor General, and by Michael Manley, the Leader of the Opposition Party. Edward Seaga, the Prime Minister, eulogized The Honorable Robert Nesta Marley.

The Wailers, with the I-Threes backing them up on vocals, performed some of Bob's songs. The Melody Makers, a group consisting of four of Bob and Rita Marley's children, led by their eldest son Ziggy, also performed in his honor. His mother, Mrs. Cedella Booker, sang "Coming In From the Cold", one of the last songs Bob wrote.

Bob Marley and the Wailers - Catch A Fire This documentary, Bob Marley and the Wailers: Catch a Fire, returns to Dynamic Studios in Kingston, Jamaica, shedding light on the development of the album, the thought process of Bob, Peter, and Bunny, and the importance of the music on a song-by-song basis. The story of Catch a Fire is presented through interviews with the band members, studio musicians, and former head of Island Records Chris Blackwell. Throughout are raw studio rehearsal footage, BBC TV footage, and home movies that include performances of "Concrete Jungle," "Slave Driver," "Stir It Up," and "Stop That Train." The documentary wraps up with rare black-and-white footage of the Wailers' tour in Edmonton, London, in 1973 with an electrifying performance of the Burnin' song "Get Up, Stand Up."

Old pirates yes they rob I
Sold I to the merchant ships
Minutes after they took I from the
Bottomless pit
But my hand was made strong
By the hand of the almighty
We forward in this generation triumphantly
All I ever had is songs of freedom
Marley PostcardWon't you help to sing these songs of freedom
"Cause all I ever had redemption songs,
redemption songs

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds
Have no fear for atomic energy
"Cause none a them can stop the time
How long shall they kill our prophets
While we stand aside and look
Some say it's just a part of it
We've got to fulfill the book

Won't you help to sing another song of freedom
'Cause all I ever had, redemption songs
All I ever had, redemption songs
These songs of freedom, songs of freedom.

by Robert Nesta Marley

A song that says so much about Bob and his music, it was one of the last songs he was ever to play in concert... after an amazing show at NYC's Madison Square Garden, he had collapsed while jogging in Central Park the next morning.  Rita Marley and some of the band had wanted to stop the tour but Bob wanted to continue... none the less, the next show on September 23, 1980 would be Bob's final concert. It took place at the Stanley Theater, Pittsburg, Pa., USA - the recording of "Redemption Song" from that night can be heard on the "Songs of Freedom" Box Set

Songs of Freedom BIG News if you missed getting the initial release... The 4-CD's compiled for Island Records Bob Marley "Songs of Freedom" Limited Edition Box Set (one million copies) has just been re-issued due to overwhelming demand 




Bob Marley Songs of Freedom Box Set

Nine Mile, situated high in the mountains of Jamaica, is located in the midst of a vast magical and beautiful part of the island that remains greatly untouched by the modern world and the thriving tourist industry of the island.  It is a small village in the parish of St. Ann. Nine Mile was his birthplace and this small house (pictured below) is the final resting place of the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley.

Bob Marley's Final Resting spot on this planet...

Nine Mile
Visit Nine Mile. Jamaica (click for info.)

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The Boy From Nine Mile

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