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"made in Jamaica" Feature Film from Lawrence Pictures

What has reggae become today? "made in Jamaica " will expose two main themes present in reggae: the old school reggae of the founders and that of the new generation.

"made in Jamaica " Cast

Grammy Award Winner Toots, Gregory Isaacs, Bunny Wailer (Bob Marley’s brother), 2006 Grammy Award Nominees Third World, Shia and Cat Core, Beres Hammond, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, Alaine Laugthon, Tanya Stephens, Bounty Killer, Blessed, Elephant Man, Lady Saw, Joseph Current, Vybz Kartel, Brick and Lace, Dr. Marshall, Capleton, Koolant, and Left Side & Esco.

 Grammy Award Winner Toots

 Toots Hibbert - "made in Jamaica" Feature Film from Lawrence PicturesFrederick "Toots" born in Maypen, grew up singing gospel music at church. The lights of Kingston were his dream and arrived in Trenchtown barefoot and moneyless. He recorded with Raleigh Gordon and Jerry Matthias, forming the original Maytals. In 1968, their song "Do the Reggay"coined the phrase ‘reggae’. In 1973 Toots and The Maytals held their first concert in the United States . It was the beginning of a successful career managed by Bob Marley’s producer Chris Blackwell. The band recently won the 2005 Grammy award for reggae for the album "True Love". This album has some re-recorded versions of their classics alongside popular and legendary musicians such a Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards.

 Toots performs “So Excited,” “Sweet and Dandy,” and other compositions.

 Gregory Isaacs

Gregory Issacs - "made in Jamaica" Feature Film from Lawrence PicturesIn the 60’s Gregory grew up in the ghetto of West Kingston . Reggae offers him a way out of a life that like many others is caught between addiction and jail. In 1987 he issued the record that was to turn his career around but he remains entirely his own man, with a unique style. For his personality and eccentric English dress, he is popularly known as the "Jamaican Dandy".


 Gregory Isaacs performs “Night Nurse” and other compositions.

Bunny Wailer

Bunny Wailer - "made in Jamaica" Feature Film from Lawrence PicturesHe went to school with Bob Marley and became his half brother when their parents remarried with each other. In 1963, Marley, Wailer and Peter Tosh started their group "The Wailers". After Bob Marley’s death and the assassination of Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer is one of the only original fathers of Reggae still alive.


Bunny Wailer performs “No Woman No Cry” and other compositions.

Third World - "made in Jamaica" Feature Film from Lawrence Pictures Third World

Stephen "Cat" Core learned guitar and violin as a child by his mother, a music teacher. At 13 years old, he joined the prestigious Inner Circle Band and started his professional career. Cat Core was invited to play with Stevie Wonder, Cindy Lauper, Santana, etc…His group " Third World " founded in 1974, including Bunny Rugs Clarke and Richard Daley is a great success.  Third World ’s current album “Black, Gold & Green” has received a 2006 Grammy Nomination for Best Reggae Album.

  Third World performs “96 Degrees” and other compositions.

 Beres Hammond

Beres Hammond - "made in Jamaica" Feature Film from Lawrence PicturesBorn in Annotto Bay in 1955, Beres Hammond grew up listening to his father's collection of American soul music and jazz music. His career begins in the 1970s with his first recording of "Wanderer". He reaches his greatest success in the 1990s through the release of albums as well as several compilations, establishing himself as one of the top lovers rock artist.

Bounty Killer - "made in Jamaica" Feature Film from Lawrence PicturesBounty Killer

Bounty Killer was born in the Kingston Ghetto of Trenchtown where music is part of his daily life. His recorded his first single "Gun Must Done" in 1990. At eighteen years old, the maturity of his lyrics (condemning Kingston 's lawless gunmen) and melodic vocal style, singled him out as a rising star. His debut album " Jamaica 's Most Wanted" is released in 1993. This album cements his reputation as the most outspoken dee-jay of his generation.

Elephant Man

Elephant Man - "made in Jamaica" Feature Film from Lawrence PicturesNamed "Dumbo Elephant" at the age of 13, for having ears larger than average, the name evolves later into Elephant Man. Elephant Man discovers his talent at the age of 15 at school by using his desks to beat out rhythms and rhymes. Despite threats from his mother who preferred him to "go look work", Elephant knows that Dee-jaying would be his ticket to success. He then formed his band, the"Scare Dem Crew" with Boom Dandimite, Harry Toddler and Nitty Kutchie. Elephant Man is now producing and mentoring younger artists in order to develop the music and assure his longevity.

Lady Saw

Lady Saw - "made in Jamaica" Feature Film from Lawrence PicturesLady Saw was born in 1972 in the small village of St. Mary . In 1994 she recorded the single” Want it Tonight” and established herself as the First Lady of Dance Hall. With her attitudes and sex appeal, Lady Saw is a Jamaican bad girl.

 Tanya Stephens

Tanya Stevens - "made in Jamaica" Feature Film from Lawrence PicturesTanya Stephens is one of the few women who proved to the Dance Hall crowd that reggae music is not just a man’s world. Her words are rebellious and authentic, while her music is a mixture of Reggae, rock, pop, disco, and country and western.

  Capelton - "made in Jamaica" Feature Film from Lawrence PicturesCapleton

Capleton, born Clifton , was a very outspoken boy with profound views on social injustices. He was surnamed by his family after a popular Jamaican lawyer, Capleton. Today, he is also referred to as the Prophet.  Capleton is one of the best reggae music deejays of his generation. With his numerous Dance Hall classics, he is constantly topping at the billboard.

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