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ROGER STEFFENS Special Features for Reggae12.com

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  RAINBOW 77/CARIBBEAN NIGHTS - BOB MARLEY DVD by Roger Steffens aka Ras RoJah


  ROUTES AND BRANCHES - Just how much unreleased Bob Marley is there in the vaults?

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  Some Roger Steffens Insights on Bob Marley (NPR)

ROGER STEFFENSRoger is the founding editor of one of the genre's best magazines, The BEAT. He has hosted and participated in hundreds of local, national and international radio and television programs focused on REGGAE and the World Music scene including his own Los Angeles radio show, Reggae Beat. He has been the host for the L.A. Reggae TV show on Century Cable for over ten years and has been a Worldbeat/Reggae columnist for SPIN and BAM magazines. His articles on Bob Marley and Reggae have been featured in Rolling Stone, Musician, Spin, High Times, The NY Times and The Village Voice. Roger has interviewed most of the major names in Reggae including Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff and Burning Spear plus dozens of Rock and World Music superstars. When it comes to being on stage to play host to great music, you can find Roger everywhere from MoBay to Miami to Maui.

Again, we are very pleased to welcome you to this ROGER STEFFENS Feature Section at REGGAE. No one has more of an inside track on Reggae Music's history and happenings than Roger. You may not always agree with his opinions but you will always find his ideas insightful and informative. We will have opportunities for you to get personalized copies of his recent book with Bruce Talamon, "Bob Marley: Spirit Dancer" and the forthcoming "Old Fire Sticks: The Autobiography of Bunny Wailer". We are sure to have some rare sound bite treats from Roger's collection of over 250,000 Reggae records, tapes and CD's including the worlds largest collection of Bob Marley and The Wailers material so, VISIT OFTEN to see what Rojah has to offer !

  A Basement Full of Bob Marley

Listen to this story... by Karen Grigsby Bates 

Stacking Marleys, a lighthearted highlight of Steffens' collection.
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Karen Grigsby Bates, NPR

Stacking Marleys, a lighthearted highlight of Steffens' collection.
Day to Day, February 3, 2005 · In the first of a two-part series commemorating the life of the late musical legend Bob Marley, NPR's Karen Grigsby Bates visits reggae historian Roger Steffens and examines his vast collection of the singer's memorabilia -- posters, records, t-shirts and other items that fill up his Los Angeles-area basement.

  Bob Marley and the Culture of Reggae

Listen to this story... 

Talk of the Nation, February 1, 2005 · His music came to symbolize a religion, an entire musical style -- and the country of Jamaica. On the 60th anniversary of his birth, fans celebrate the genius who brought reggae to the world. We discuss the legacy of Bob Marley. Guests: Roger Steffens, reggae historian Chris Wilson, A&R director, Heartbeat Records Tanya Stephens, reggae singer and DJ

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