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bignote.gif (8726 bytes)Winston W. Hale is the creator of a historical, cultural and artistic masterpiece entitled "The Anthology of Reggae Music". With the beat of Reggae Music like a current in the river of time, Winston shows us a vision of the magic, mystery, majesty and power of the music and the culture it has sprung from, taking us from the plains, villages and cities of ancient Egypt and West Africa to the Caribbean of today and tomorrow. RadioREGGAE.com is blessed to have Winston Hale share some of his wisdom and knowledge right here... Jah Bless.

Winston Hale is a publisher and writer. He is an expert on International Trade and Commerce. Winston is Founder of The Caribbean Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has been a managing Editor for South Florida Newsweek and has his own magazine, The Caribbean Business & Investment Digest. Mr. Hale is also the first person of color in history to have been recognized and honored by The US Treasury Department for his work with Bonds. Upon presenting Winston with the highly prestigious Community Service Award from the United States Treasury Department, Howard Patten and James Wynn of the The Treasury Department said "Finding the right person was hard... After looking at Winston's track record of corporate and community service the decision was easy. He rose to every challenge and gave of himself without reservation. The mark of a true leader."

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