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The Myths, Legends and History
of Reggae Music and Jamaica

by Winston W. Hale


Did you know that Reggae Music is probably around 500 years old?

Did you know that Reggae Music was used in fertility rites in Central Africa centuries ago?

The birth of an infant in some parts of Africa was often times accompanied by Reggae Music to help ensure health, strength and wisdom in the growing process...

Reggae Spirit

An ancient practice explains the naked mysticism of Reggae Music. It was used quite frequently in various celebrations such as fertility rites, marriage, births, baptism and healing. It was also played at funerals to ensure safe passage during the journey of the soul on its way to the other life long ago and far away during the reign of the Monarchs of Africa.

Did you know that the beat of Reggae Music is close to the chemical band of the beating of a healthy heart.

Ganja (Cannabis) like the kind found in Jamaica, was found in the tomb of God's anointed...King Solomon...


Just about every other island was created by subterranean earthquakes or the clashing of Teutonic plates beneath the ocean floor, within the fiery bosom of the earth. Not Jamaica... the modern day home of Reggae Music. Instead, "Xyamaica", meaning land of wood and water by the Arawak Indians, seems to come from a union of earth, sea and sky... emerging from the ocean floor, as a child emerges from its mother's womb.

During the hey day of Atlantis, the highly advanced citizens practiced astral travel, as easily as we drive a car. They practiced levitation and talked to the God's of the Universe as easily as we talk to each other.

Because of the corruption of ego, vanity and selfishness that grew like a cancer, Atlantis sank and took with it the secrets of the fourth and fifth dimensions. A part of Atlantis still remains. It is Jamaica... and deep within a secret forest... live Atlanteans... it is said by many that the most profound gift of their presence are the rhythms and the mystic strains of Reggae Music...

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